It might be here.

No, seriously.

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I made all of my userpics, so feel free to take with credit. Not that I expect anyone to beat down my door about my amateurish icons or anything, just saying.

Hokay. So. This page has already gone through a couple of evolutions as I used it and then forgot about it for a while. It is currently serving as a way for me to interact with the things I fangirlishly flail about in a public sphere. By which I mean I can squee with someone other than my parents/friends/cats who aren't also fans. Not that I'm going to do much serious reaching out into the fannish communities. A link every now and then at max, I'm not pimping my journal out. Mostly because I'm lazy and I'd hate to get people expecting me to do these and then getting bored. And also because I'm not putting much effort into this and so probably wouldn't get much attention anyway. So there's that.